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chem lab 4 - Qualitative Analysis Author: Amber Bellafiore...

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Qualitative Analysis Author: Amber Bellafiore Lab Partner: Tracey Beyer Instructor: Zhen Li Chem 104A Section 17 Date Work Performance: Sept 24 th and October 1st Date Report Submitted: October 8 th Abstract The results for this lab were inconclusive due to error. During spot testing, contamination and inexact measurements can alter the reactions causing different groups to have different observations, and therefore different separation schemes. With our separation scheme test, the test solutions became contaminated and the only result received was a white liquid which was not what was expected from our separation scheme thus proving our scheme was ineffective. For more experiments to be run, better conditions would be needed a swell as more precise measurements.
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Introduction In the Qualitative Analysis lab, the objectives of the experiment are to determine which of the eight cations can be detected through the different spot tests, and to then determine which reactions can create a separation scheme and which can be used as confirmation tests. To achieve this, first spot tests are preformed and observations are made about the cation reactions, paying close attention to which cations change from dissolved materials into solids. The technical term for the change of dissolved liquids into solids is precipitation. In this lab, four chemical reactions will be used to cause cations to precipitate; oxidation-reduction reactions, acid-base reactions, precipitation reactions, and complex-ion formation reactions. After this is completed a separation scheme is made to
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chem lab 4 - Qualitative Analysis Author: Amber Bellafiore...

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