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TANF Emergency Fund_ Pelosi..

TANF Emergency Fund_ Pelosi.. - TANF Emergency Fund Pelosi...

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This is the print preview: Back to normal view » October 1, 2010 Lucia Graves [email protected] | HuffPost Reporting First Posted: 09- 3-10 02:48 PM | Updated: 09- 3-10 04:39 PM House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed Senate Republicans Thursday for failing to reauthorize funding for a subsidized jobs program that has created 240,000 jobs in 37 states. The federal wage subsidy will expire Sept. 30 unless Congress extends the program by ponying up another $2.5 billion. "It's been as positive an initiative for job creation as you can make," Pelosi told reporters after a speech at San Francisco State University Thursday. "Unfortunately -- you'll hear me say this many times -- we have passed it over and over again in the House, waiting for some action from the Senate." The Emergency Fund was created by the stimulus to assist states with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families programs. A House approved bill that would have reauthorized the funds was shot down in May with Senate Republicans citing deficit concerns.
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