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ESI 6314 Deterministic Methods in Operations Research HW 1 Assigned: 9/07/2010 Due: 9/17/2010 Reading: Book, Chapter 3 Problems: 1. Problems 4, page 55 [ formulate the LP ] and 2, page 63 [ solve this LP graphically ] 2. Problems 5-6, page 68 [ provide a brief explanation if the answer is “true” or provide a counterexample if the answer is “false” ] 3. Problems 8-9, page 68 In problems 4-7 below, you are required only to provide the LP formulations for the
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Unformatted text preview: considered problems. You are NOT required to solve the formulated LP problems. Clearly define your decision variables and don’t forget to include non-negativity constraints where appropriate. 4. Problem 2, page 71. 5. Problem 6, page 76. 6. Problem 2, page 92. 7. Problem 3, page 104....
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