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DMOR_HW3_fall10 - Use the LINDO output given in the book...

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ESI 6314 Deterministic Methods in Operations Research Fall 2010 HW 3 Assigned: 10/04/2010 Due: 10/14/2010 Reading: Book, Chapters 5, 6 Problems: 1. (10 points) Problem 3, page 210 [ Refer to the LP formulation given on page 85, set up the problem in Excel, and use the solver to find the optimal solution. Submit your Excel file electronically. You are NOT required to perform the sensitivity analysis for this problem ] 2. (15 points) Problems 1-3, page 231 [ Refer to the Giapetto example discussed in class (also given on p. 227) and use the graphical representation of the feasible region to answer the questions. ] 3. (10 points) Problem 6, pages 244-245 [
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Unformatted text preview: Use the LINDO output given in the book. You are NOT required to submit the LINDO file. ] 4. (10 points) Problems 3-4, page 301. 5. (15 points) Problem 2, page 328. 6. (30 points) Problem 6, Pages 288-289. [ Use matrix notations that we used in class to perform sensitivity analysis. You may want (but not required) to rename the slack variables as x 4 and x 5 if you want to use the same notations as in the slides. The optimal simplex tableau is given for your convenience; you may use it to get the information about basic and non-basic variables in the optimal solution. ] 7. (10 points) Problem 36, Page 358....
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