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Deterministic Methods in Operations Research Fall 2010 HW #4 Assigned: Oct 29, 2010 Due: Nov 10, 2010 Reading: Book, Chapter 7 Problems: 1. (15 points) Problem 21, page 410 [ formulate the problem by clearly defining all the entries of the transportation tableau (decision variables, supply/demand points, available supply and demand for each row/column, and “shipping costs”). You are NOT required to solve the formulated transportation problem. ] 2. (20 points) Problem 1, page 407 [ please note that this is a maximization problem. ] 3. (20 points) Problem 3, page 407.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. (15 points) Problem 1, page 398 [ Hint: add a dummy job column to balance the problem and use big M cost coefficients where an assignment of a particular person to a particular job is infeasible. Then solve the problem using Hungarian method. ] 5. (15 points) Problem 1, page 403. 6. (15 points) Problem 29(a), page 411-412. [ You are only required to formulate the problem in part (a), that is, define all the entries of an appropriate transportation tableau. You are NOT required to solve the formulated transportation problem. ]...
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