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MTH 141 Final Exam Review Exam Date:________________________________ 1. Find an equation of the line containing the points . 2. Given the function , find . 3. Given the function , answer the following: a) Is the point on the graph of f? b) If , what is x? c) What is the domain of f? 4. Express the domain of the function in interval notation. 5. Graph the linear function . 6. Given the quadratic function , graph by hand by determining whether its graph opens up or down and by finding its vertex, axis of symmetry, y–intercept, and x–intercepts (if any). 7. Callaway Golf Company has determined that the daily cost C of manufacturing x Big Bertha type golf clubs may be expressed by the quadratic function . a) How many clubs should be manufactured to minimize the cost? b) What is the minimum cost? 8. An administrator at Southern Illinois University wants to find a function that relates a student’s college grade point average, y, to the high school grade point average, x. She randomly selects eight students and obtains the following data. High School GPA (x) 2.73 2.92 3.45 3.78 2.56 2.98 3.67 3.1 College GPA (y) 2.43 2.97 3.63 3.81 2.83 2.81 3.45 2.93 a) Use a graphing calculator to find the correlation coefficient, r. Describe the relationship between high school and college GPA in terms of the correlation coefficient. b) Use your calculator to find the line of best fit relating high school and college GPA. c) Predict a student’s college GPA if her high school GPA is 3.23.
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9. Using visual observation, determine whether each graph is symmetric with respect to the x–axis, the y–axis, or the origin. a) b) c) d) 10. The graph of a function is given below where . Find the following: a) Domain and Range b) Intervals on which the function is increasing, decreasing, or constant c) Whether the function is even, odd, or neither 11. Determine algebraically whether the function
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MTH%20141%20Final%20Exam%20ReviewS08_with_answers_usethis -...

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