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ECO369 International Economic Issues GVSU, Wei Sun Wall Street Journal Presentation and Short Writing 10 points, 6% of total class grade 1. Overview: Throughout the semester, we will have informal presentations on current issues on every single class except when an exam is scheduled (For the Monday night class, we will have those on every single class). It is called “informal” because the presenters do not need to prepare any power-point slides and put up a show. Every individual will do his/her own presentation and one person only presents once. Maybe we should call it “news exchange”. Order of presentation will be on a voluntary basis or alphabetically by name. The purpose of this presentation is to bring in students’ contribution to the class in order to help the whole class to keep up with current issues. Each student is required to read the Wall Street Journal (of any version, Eastern or Asia) and select one article (news) and inform the whole class of the event in your article for a light discussion and perhaps
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