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301 final info.doc Summary of Major Topics and Ratios Included on the Final Chapter 13 - Financial Statement Analysis: - Ratio Calculations - see Exam #7 Information for specific ratios to be tested. - Understand the terms Liquidity, Solvency and Profitability and how they relate to ratios. - Be familiar with vertical and horizontal analysis. - Define or explain the irregular items that may appear on the income statement, including the “net of tax” presentation for: - Discontinue Operations - Extraordinary Items Appendix C - Time Value of Money: - Understand and calculate problems using the time value of money concepts. I.e. present
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Unformatted text preview: and future values. Other things you should be able to calculate or explain:- Calculate simple interest, including determining the principal and interest components when a series of equal payments are made. For example, a fully amortized loan. (See the example of interest calculations on the webpage.) - Calculate dividends paid to common stockholders using the concept: o beginning retained earnings o plus net income or minus net loss o minus total dividends o equals ending retained earnings Concepts of Accounting: - Know the 12 accounting assumptions, principles and constraints, and how they are applied....
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