301C5gp - Acct 301 Chapter 5 Group Activity...

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1 Acct 301 Chapter 5 Group Activity 301C5gp.doc/dec’07/Burbage Preparation of Multiple-Step Income Statement and Ratio Calculations 1. Using the account information below prepare, in good form, a complete multiple step income statement for the Acme Corporation for the year ended December 31, 2007. Be sure to include a detailed cost of goods sold section in the body of the statement and a proper heading for your statement. Also, list the operating expenses in alphabetical order! 2. When you have completed preparing the income statement calculate the Gross Profit Rate and the Profit Margin Percentage. Use only the information needed (there is some unneeded information.) Hint: cross out unneeded information before you start the statement. Merchandise inventory, Jan 1, 2007 14,000 Merchandise inventory, Dec 31, 2007 12,000 Income tax expense 9,000 Sales returns and allowance 6,000 Prepaid insurance 6,000 Accounts payable 20,000 Accumulated depreciation 80,000 Net purchases 320,000 Gain on sale of land
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301C5gp - Acct 301 Chapter 5 Group Activity...

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