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301exam6info - 60 Total points possible 100 === Bring one...

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301exam6info.doc Points Exam #6 – Chapters 11 and 12: 1 Ratio calculation @ 2 points 2 1 Calculate the amount of dividends paid to common shareholders 3 35 Statement of Cash Flows transactions (1 point each): Identify each transaction as: - Operating, Investing or Financing 15 - Did cash increase, decrease or not change 1 5 - Indirect Method – add or subtract to reconcile to cash 5 12 Multiple-choice questions @ 5 points each from chapter 11
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Unformatted text preview: 60 Total points possible 100 === Bring one blank Scantron forms #882 to class and put it on the instructor’s desk before the test begins. When the test begins the Scantron will be hand back at random, then you can put your name on it. At the next class meeting we will have a quick review of the exams even if they have not been graded. YOU MAY NOT TAKE NOTES DURING THE REVIEW PROCESS!...
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