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301exam7info.doc Points Exam #7 – Chapter 13, TVM, Ratios & Concepts: 7 Ratio calculations @ 2 points each 14 - Current ratio - Inventory turnover - Debt to assets - Earnings per share - Gross profit rate - Return on assets - Return on common stockholders’ equity 1 Calculate the amount of dividends paid to common shareholders 2 28 Multiple-choice questions @ 3 points each 84 - 11 from chapter 13 - 1 interest calculation on fully amortized loan
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Unformatted text preview: - 5 time value of money including 1 on bonds - 11 concepts of accounting i.e., accounting assumptions, principles & constraints Total points possible 100 === Bring one blank Scantron form #882 to class and put it on the instructor’s desk before the test begins. When the test begins the Scantrons will be hand back at random, then you can put your name on it....
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