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Apple Plans for Technological Innovations

Apple Plans for Technological Innovations - How Does Apple...

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How Does Apple Plan for It Technological Innovations? Apple uses a simple formula for new-product development---It doesn’t consider a target market or conduct focus groups. They work from their gut and ask questions about what they hate and what they’d like to own, and they build products that turn them on. They have built the gold standard of a new business model---creating a brand, morphing it, and reincarnating it to thrive in a disruptive age. Apple’s approach is to put every resource it has behind just a few products and make them exceedingly well. They consider themselves the “anti-business school” because they do not diversify themselves or their product very much. In an interview with Fortune magazine, Steve Jobs described how the iPhone was invented because everyone hated their cellphone. The smartest software guys were saying they could put an operating system into the phone, and they did. He also explains that he’s proud of what the company didn’t focus on, like the PDA. Focus allows resources to flow towards the new ideas like the iPod. He
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