Are Our Airlines Safe

Are Our Airlines Safe - Safety Inspectors Blow the Whistle...

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Safety Inspectors Blow the Whistle on Mechanical Problems with Airplanes FAA safety inspector Mark Lund blew the whistle on Northwest Airlines and was reprimanded by the FAA for being disruptive. He was also attacked by Northwest Airlines. Two years later, the Inspector General released a report validating Lund’s report. However, the tension between safety inspectors and the airlines continues. The FAA, at the local management level, is afraid of the airlines, and thus inspectors have a tough time trying to do their jobs. The FAA reprimanded Lund a number of times, and forced him to rewrite reports. As a result of the Inspector General’s report, the FAA is creating a new procedure to review concerns raised by inspectors---it’s going to utilize independent agency staffers to investigate disputes. 1. Which internal and external stakeholders are positively and negatively affected by the behavior of safety inspectors? Answer: Among the internal stakeholders affected by safety inspectors are other safety inspectors, since they’ll feel the pressure not to speak up after witnessing the repercussions suffered by the whistle-blowers. Another group of internal stakeholders who are conceivably affected are the airlines’ stockholders, since the whistle-blowing could potentially lower the stock prices if safety
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Are Our Airlines Safe - Safety Inspectors Blow the Whistle...

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