Employee Motivation - Employee Motivation: Different...

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Employee Motivation: Why Might Different People be Motivated by Different Things? Recently, two different financial managers were asked to indicate how they’d rank the items below in terms of importance to them with respect to their jobs. Examine their scores. Factors Lisa Black Juan Esposito Higher wages 8 1 Better job security 3 9 Improved benefits 5 10 Better chance for advancement 7 4 Improved technology 10 2 Better supervision 4 6 More pleasant physical surroundings 2 7 Better chance to grow and develop job skills 6 3 More responsibility 9 5 Better interpersonal relationships 1 8 1. Looking at the rankings given by Lisa and Juan, how might you explain the differential rankings? What factors might be at work here? Answer: Students should consider that Lisa may be an older employee and closer to retirement, since she isn’t interested in technology, relationships, and considers her physical surroundings, relationships, and her job security more important than advancement or responsibility. She also values improved
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Employee Motivation - Employee Motivation: Different...

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