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Ethical Dilemmas - on their personal ethical outlooks and...

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Ethical Dilemmas Below are some decisions a manager may face that have ethical implications. Analyze each situation and identify which of the four approaches you use in deciding the ethical dilemmas. Address a) is there a problem? b) if yes, why is it a problem? c) given the logic you use in part b, which ethical approach are you taking? Might a different approach suggest that it’s not a problem? Instructors: The four approaches to dealing with ethical dilemmas are 1) The utilitarian approach “the greatest good for the greatest number; 2) The individual approach— what benefits the individual benefits everyone; 3) The moral-rights approach— being guided by respect for the fundamental rights of human beings; 4) The justice approach— being guided by respect for impartial standards of fairness and equity. Student answers to all of the below will differ depending
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Unformatted text preview: on their personal ethical outlooks and perspectives. The key here is that they understand that depending on which ethical lens they adopt, different situations may or may not appear “unethical”. 1. A co-worker is having an affair with a married colleague. 2. You know that your teammate is using the company computer for E-bay transactions on company time. 3. Your former college roommate works for a competitor, and while you’re out one night, asks you what the deal is regarding marketing plans for a new product your company is releasing next month. 4. You learn that your colleague is adding additional, leisure-related expenses onto his travel reimbursement requests. 5. A client gives you a gift, right in the midst of an important negotiation....
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