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Executive Pay Watch - Use theories from the chapter to...

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Executive Pay Watch 1 Visit the AFL–CIO Web site at www.aflcio.org . Navigate through the site and find the page for “Corporate Watch” and then “Executive Pay Watch,” for information regarding salaries of CEOs of major corporations in the United States. (Sometimes the web address for a location changes. You might need to search to find the exact location mentioned.) 1. What is the average CEO compensation for the latest year? Answer: In 2007, it was $14.2 million in total compensation. 2. What is the average CEO to average worker pay ratio? Is it going up or down? Answer: In 2006, it was 364. It seems to be turning downward, after a high in 2000. 3. What impact do you think these figures have, if any, on average worker motivation?
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Unformatted text preview: Use theories from the chapter to support your answer. Answer: Student opinions will vary, but they may say that from expectancy theory, it would motivate workers because they know that if they work hard and get promoted to the CEO level, they’ll be rewarded well. Some may say that from an equity perspective, everyone is working a full work week and there shouldn’t be such a discrepancy---that discrepancy will be perceived as unfair and workers will decrease their output. 4. When you finish school and get a job, will your CEO’s pay impact your motivation? Why or why not? What about your immediate supervisor’s?...
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