Fuji- Changing Org Culture

Fuji- Changing Org Culture - Japans Fuji & Marine...

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Japan’s Fuji & Marine Insurance Company: Changing Organizational Culture Bijan Khosrowshahi, Fuji’s Fire and Marine Insurance Company’s chief executive officer, is inspiring change amongst his employees. He’s shifting the culture to be one of valuing and promoting women (very unusual for Japan) and asking rank and file employees for ideas. He’s retained Japanese as the company’s primary language, having documents translated into English so he can understand them. He changed reporting lines so more managers talked directly to him. And, he asks for details from his managers, in efforts to find out how well they know their jobs. He is also prodding managers for solutions as well as identification of problems, and is urging employees to take more initiative. Boosting morale is also part of his organizational change effort. He takes employees to lunch, and when earnings improved last year, he send thank-you notes with the equivalent of $95 to each of his employees. Trying to change Japanese employees from their traditional modest selves into “tigers” is no small feat, but Mr. Khosrowshahi is making strides in changing this organizational culture.
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Fuji- Changing Org Culture - Japans Fuji & Marine...

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