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Organization Culture - employees are other clear points of...

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Organization Culture Individuals have pet peeves and unique values. Organizations do also. It’s called organization culture, the “social glue” that defines the corporation. Go to Weyerhaeuser’s website ( www.weyerhaeuser.com .) (Sometimes the web address for a location changes. You might need to search to find the exact location mentioned.) Scan the different sections of their website and look for elements of Weyerhaeuser’s culture. 1. What values make up Weyerhaeuser’s organization culture? Instructors : Students answers will vary but they should definitely note the clear focus of this organization on sustainability and environmentalism. Also, innovation and concern for their
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Unformatted text preview: employees are other clear points of emphasis for this organization. 2. To what extent do Weyerhaeuser’s organizational values match your own? Would you feel comfortable working for this company? What aspect of the organization least matches your values? Instructors: Student answers will vary here. 3. Do you feel Weyerhaeuser’s organizational culture promotes a common purpose? Why or why not? Instructors: Student answers will vary here. However, their focus on sustainability and innovative solutions for reaching sustainability should facilitate a shared understanding of a common purpose toward these things....
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