Should Managers Fire Good Workers Who Dont Fit In

Should Managers Fire Good Workers Who Dont Fit In - Should...

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Unformatted text preview: Should Managers Fire Good Workers Who Dont Fit? This case discusses the problem of firing people who arent fitting into the workplace. As was pointed out, employers know how to fire poor performers, but they often dont know what to do with people who are doing their work passably, or even better, but arent suited for the job, for reasons ranging from personal chemistry to mismatched skills. Still, such dismissals must be handled correctly, since badly handled firings can damage workplace morale, traumatize the employee, and end up in court. 1. How might companies inadvertently discriminate when firing good employees who dont fit? Explain. Companies might make statements that suggest that a woman, for instance, is out of place in a mans job, such as a physical-labor job that may be traditionally male but that females can do as well. Or companies might use performance appraisals that are informal rather than formal, leaving the door open to accusations of bias. In other words, they might use appraisal standards just for the employee in open to accusations of bias....
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