statement analysis 1 - By the end of December 2009 JetBlue...

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By the end of December 2009 JetBlue Airways had a number of assets that included, $896,000 in cash and equivalents, $240,000 in marketable securities, $40,000 in inventories and $203,000 in other current assets leaving a total of $1.54 million in current assets for the company. The company’s gross fixed assets, which included the value of their property, plants and equipment, totaled $5,373,000. After taking out accumulated depreciation and depletion costs and including other non-current assets owned by the company, JetBlue ended the year with a total asset value of $6,554,000. The company also has a number of liabilities both current and non-current which they have to take into account. Adding up the company’s accounts payable, short-term debt and other current liabilities left JetBlue with an overall current liability amount of $1,169,000. Long-term debt valuing $2,920,000, deferred income taxes $259,000 and other non-current liabilities $667,000 totaled to $3,846,000, leaving JetBlue with a total overall liability amount of $5,015,000. JetBlue Airways assets minus their liabilities left the company with a total equity value of $1,539,000, and a total liability and stock equity value equivalent to the company’s total assets of $6,554,000. The total Net Cash from Operating Activities were $486,000. This comprised of JetBlue’s total net income for 2009 of 58,000, its depreciation value of $234,000, deferred income taxes $40,000, decrease in receivables $3000, increase in inventories -$43,000, increase in payables -$66,000, decrease in other liabilities $10,000 and other non cash items $250,000 leaving an overall cash flow amount for its operating activities of $486,000. The total Net Cash for Investing Activities were -$457,000. JetBlue received 58,000 for the sale of property, plant and equipment, $661,000 for the sale of some of their short term investments, spent $32,000 on purchasing property, plant and equipment, spent $636,000 on short term investments and spent $508,000 on other net investing changes. The company ended up spending in excess of ($457,000).
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statement analysis 1 - By the end of December 2009 JetBlue...

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