Nacl here a battery pumps electrons from cl to na to

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Unformatted text preview: s of molten NaCl. NaCl. Here a battery “pumps” electrons from Cl- to Na +. to + Anode Na+ + e- ---> Na eCathode Eo for cell = -4.07 V for External energy needed because Eo is (-). is Note that signs of electrodes are reversed from batteries. Cl- Na+ Electrolysis of Aqueous NaCl Electrolysis of Aqueous NaCl Anode (+) Eo = -1.36 V -1.36 2 Cl- ---> Cl 2(g) + 2e---> Cathode (-) Eo = -0.83 V -0.83 2 H2O + 2e- ---> H 2 + 2 OHOH Eo for cell = -2.19 V for Note that H 2O is more easily reduced + than Na+. Anode 4 Electrolysis of Aqueous NaCl Cells like these are...
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