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UC Davis AHI 184 Fall Quarter, 2010 “Modern Architecture” in Europe and America, c.1850-1970 Tuesdays + Thursdays, 10:30-11:50 Instructor: Simon Sadler, sjsadler@ucdavis.edu Office: 208, Walker Hall PTAs: If there is a waitlist for this class, a computer will allocate places as enrolled students drop. No PTAs are available for this class. If you are on the waitlist and this procedure is unsuitable for you, you may need to consider dropping the class straightaway. Read this carefully—it explains the thinking behind the course and its evaluation This course studies the twentieth-century architecture which transformed the European and American built environment, spreading throughout the world, and which is widely known as the Modern Movement. It considers the Modern Movement’s styles and forms, its historical contexts, its aims, and the theories underpinning its design. It considers what made modern architecture different to what had come before and what came after. By the end of the course, you should have developed some ideas about what it means to be “modern.” I am hoping you will contribute to discussions when they arise and I would like you to think carefully about the following points as you progress through the course: Are modernist buildings best understood as rational, technological and anti-traditional, or as crafted, organic and contextual? Were modernist buildings modern in the ways that they were built, in the ways in which they were used, in the values they conveyed? Did modern architecture make people’s lives better? READING FOR CLASS Kenneth, Frampton, Modern Architecture: a critical history , London: Thames & Hudson; 4th edition, 2007, ISBN-10: 0500203954; ISBN-13: 978-0500203958 AHI 184 Syllabus 1 PLEASE READ THIS SYLLABUS CAREFULLY BEFORE ASKING THE INSTRUCTOR QUESTIONS ABOUT THE COURSE. Also check the course website on SmartSite.
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Conrads, Ulrich, Programs and manifestoes on 20th-century Architecture , Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1971 ISBN 0262530309 The lectures do not follow Frampton’s structure, so use the recommendations for each lecture as guidance only (if you find the guidance too jumbled, simply read Frampton in chapter order). You are reading approximately two-thirds of Frampton in conjunction with this course. I am also suggesting source texts from Conrads. These often seem strange when read now, but they will give you a “flavor” of the periods, personalities and fervor of modernism I will be posting a reading on “modernity” on the course website. Use this in conjunction with preparation for your term paper. A list of further reading, which will be important for your term paper, is at the end of this syllabus. CLASS OUTLINE
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AHI 184 - UC Davis AHI 184 Fall Quarter, 2010 PLEASE READ...

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