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UC Davis, Department of Art and Art History AHI 187 Summer Session II, 2010 Contemporary Architecture since c. 1966 Tuesdays + Thursdays, Art 217, TR 11:00-1:30 Instructor: Simon Sadler, [email protected] . Office hours: by appointment Office: 208 Walker Course Reader: Crystal Fountain Read this carefully—it explains the thinking behind the course and its evaluation This course introduces some key styles , buildings , designers and debates in the history of architecture over the last four decades. In particular, it asks how architecture can be evaluated in a period of uncertainty —uncertainty in design (following the “crisis” in modernism , which had been the dominant architectural movement of the twentieth- century), in culture (subject to “ postmodern ” diversification away from a core common culture), political economy (i.e. the relationship between politics, culture and economy; this has recently been characterized by a strong move towards the market and globalization ), in technology (particularly the rise in information technology), and in the environment (prompting the demand for sustainability ). You will be asked to consider whether, and if so how, contemporary architecture enables people and societies to address accelerating uncertainty and change. For example, your term paper will consider architects’ intentions, and critical responses to those intentions . Consider, for instance, the sources of inspiration and “authority” for the architecture you’ve studied in each class. Does it draw on precedent and tradition , or innovation and progress? Does it look “outwards” to revere nature , or “inwards” to language and meaning ? Does it look towards local community, or to cosmopolitan and transnational culture? AHI 187 Syllabus 1 PLEASE READ THIS SYLLABUS CAREFULLY BEFORE ASKING THE INSTRUCTOR QUESTIONS ABOUT THE COURSE. Also check the course website on SmartSite.
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Does it celebrate capitalism , or resist it? Is it individualist (e.g. private houses) or more collectivist (e.g. public facilities)? Does it seem more concerned with form , or with concept ? Does it express physical stability or instability ? Does it express feelings of certainty or ambiguity ? To what extent does the architecture seem concerned with details of materials, structure, shape, surface ? By the end of the course, you will better understand the development of architecture in the late-twentieth and early-twenty-first-centuries, and its relationship to the longer history of architecture. You will better recognize and analyze building styles, and better assess the contribution architecture makes to our quality of life. READING FOR CLASS
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