ECI 163 3 - ECI/ESP 163 Fall 2010 PAPER #3: Reducing...

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ECI/ESP 163 – Fall 2010 PAPER #3: Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Senate Bill 375 (SB 375) seeks to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMT). Regional GHG reduction targets for 2020 and 2035 have been set for 18 metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs)—representing 98 percent of California’s population. MPOs can select their own means of achieving their GHG targets, where compliance measures may include land-use management (zoning, incentives, etc), improvement of transit services and user pricing policies (including road and parking pricing), as well as others such as better traffic control . Consider how SB 375 relates to what you’ve learned in ECI 163. Using the provided readings and others you may find, produce a well-supported paper addressing the effectiveness and attractiveness of SB 375 and the best ways of implementing it (or not). In your paper, make sure you address each of the following questions (discussing pros and cons where appropriate): Is SB 375 a good law? Why or why not? To help reduce transportation GHG emissions, should California policymakers pursue strategies to reduce VMT and sprawl, or should they stick to vehicle and fuel-based strategies? If the goal is to reduce VMT, is SB 375 the best way to do so? Select an alternative approach and compare. Consider SB 375’s targets for the Sacramento region (SACOG). Which set of
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This note was uploaded on 12/14/2010 for the course ECI ECI 163 taught by Professor Sperling during the Fall '10 term at UC Davis.

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ECI 163 3 - ECI/ESP 163 Fall 2010 PAPER #3: Reducing...

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