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Final Paper Prompt - ESP 171 Urban and Regional Planning...

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ESP 171 Urban and Regional Planning White Paper: Local Government Solutions Topic Description due Thursday, 5/27 at noon Draft paper due Tuesday, 6/1 in class Paper due Friday, 6/4 at 3pm Purpose The purpose of a “white paper” is to help policy makers understand a particular issue and the possible options for addressing it. According to Wikipedia, the term comes from the UK, where it refers to papers issued by the government to lay out policy or a proposed action on a topic of current concern. In the US, the term is now often applied to papers issued by non-governmental organizations and research institutes that are designed to educate decisions makers and the public on key policy issues, to help them better understand both the nature of the problem and the range of potential solutions. In this assignment, you will write a 5-page white paper about a local planning issue of your choice. Background Cities in California and across the U.S. are facing a host of planning-related problems, issues, and pressures. Many cities are concerned about the WalMart issue, for example: when WalMart moves into a community, local businesses are affected, local traffic patterns are affected, and air quality, water quality, and quality of life might all be affected. To address this issue and others, cities often turn to their traditional planning tools – the general plan, the zoning ordinance, and the subdivision ordinance. Increasingly, they make use of more innovative techniques, such as specific plans, redevelopment plans, adequate public facilities ordinances, purchase of development easements, etc. to achieve their goals. As new problems arise, new techniques are often needed. Different cities may be using different techniques to address the same issue. The effectiveness of these techniques may be well established or entirely unproven. It is important for a community facing a particular issue to have some understanding of what the potential solutions might be, as a step toward finding one appropriate for its own particular situation. Task 1. Picking a Topic Start by picking a topic. I’ve given you lots of ideas in the table below. Another source of ideas for topics is the list of articles circulated by Planetizen each week. You might also try skimming through recent issues of Planning magazine, available in Shields
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Final Paper Prompt - ESP 171 Urban and Regional Planning...

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