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ESP 168A, September 28, 2010 Ogden PROJECT REQUIREMENTS AND GUIDELINES PRELIMINARY PROBLEM DEFINITION (DUE THURS. OCTOBER 7); PART 1 (DUE THURS. NOVEMBER 4 ) PART 2 DUE FRIDAY DECEMBER 7) PROJECT PRESENTATIONS NOV. 30 AND DEC. 2 (LAST WEEK OF CLASSES) This project will confront you, in a realistic way with many of the problems that policy analysts and planners face. The first part of your project is the Preliminary Problem Definition (due October 8). Part 1 and Part 2 extend the Preliminary Problem Definition into a fairly comprehensive policy analysis. All undergraduates in the class do the project collaboratively (in 2-4 person groups). I want to stress working collaboratively; i.e., I want people to work on and talk over each part of the project. I don’t want you to split up the project that, for example, one partner does the problem definition and the other does the systems analysis, with no discussion or exchange of drafts for critical comment or editing. Sources include books, journal articles, and agency reports, in addition to newspapers or magazine articles. You may find these sources of data/information on the Internet. Avoid citing random WebPages. Instead, cite the sources of data/information used by the WebPage. If you’re going to cite just WebPages, do so cautiously. You can use Wikipedia as a gateway to actual primary sources (just citing Wikipedia is not enough). One criterion for evaluating your Part 1 and Part 2 reports is “research effort”, one component of which is quality and quantity of your sources of data/information. Part 1 Report: Sections I, II, III Your Part 1 Report includes Sections I, II, and III. Make sure you identify these sections in your report with subheadings. Guide your reader through your report; take the liberty to make your report easier to read by using other subheadings, bullet points, etc. Your Part 1 Report should be written as a final report with proper citations in the text and a list of references at the end of your report. Sections I, II, and III are due November 4. My expectations for length of Part 1 are 12-15 pages (double-spaced, using 12-point font). This excludes the reference list, full-page diagrams, and full- page tables. I. PROBLEM DEFINITION 1. Define the problem in detail . Make sure the negative aspects of the situation and the underlying causes are clearly distinguished. 2. Present detailed evidence that a problem exists now or is likely to exist in the future if no action is taken. Identify the indicators you will use to show that the problem exists, and provide quantitative information about these indicators of the problem (information that demonstrates how serious the problem is). Your evidence needs to be presented as part of an argument that there is a problem needing action (a public policy response). NOTE: Clearly identify the indicators you are using to show that a problem exists, and present numerical data for these indicators. Simply presenting data is not 1
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project_requirements+Fall+2010 - ESP 168A Ogden PROJECT...

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