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Preparing+for+the+exam+in+Microeconomics - 9 am for some...

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Guidance for ARE 100a Students, Fall 2009: As we get near the end of the quarter let me try to answer a few procedural questions some of you may have: 1. For those of you concerned about how your scores so far correspond to letter grade, I can provide the following guidance. Overall this term the standard curve of 90+ for an A including A+ to A-) , 80 + for a B (B+ through B-), etc. seems to be fitting fairly well. I will make adjustments downward based on the overall scores including the final exam. Recall I will count only your highest midterm in the final grade. 2. Remember, I give partial credit for any relevant information you provide. Do not leave any part of any question blank and your final scores will rise. 3. I will have special office hours on Thursday December 3 after class and Friday Dec 4 from 9:30 to 11. I will review problem sets and quiz answers and respond to questions. I will also be available Wednesday December 9 at
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Unformatted text preview: 9 am for some last minute questions. 4. To assess what material in the text book I consider most important review your class notes and the lecture slides on the Smartsite. 5. To study for the final, rework all the problem sets, quizzes and midterms. After you have done that and change some of the numbers or other parameters and try to work the problems that you create. You can trade questions in that way with classmates; you work the ones they rewrite and they work the questions you rewrite. Also, for the questions I asked, extend the number of part, so if I ask for marginal cost, you should also calculate AC, AVC etc. Or, if I gave you a production function with decreasing returns to scale, make sure you know what the increasing returns to scale case looks like. 6. If you have other questions just send me an email. I may respond to you personally or I may send the answer to the whole class...
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Preparing+for+the+exam+in+Microeconomics - 9 am for some...

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