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2.1 The Beatles and Rolling Stones

2.1 The Beatles and Rolling Stones - The Beatles VH1s List...

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The Beatles VH1’s List of 100 greatest albums – asked critics Got places 11, 10, 8, 6, #1 Revolver Billboard Magazine’s Reader’s 100 – asked readers Got places 6, 5, 3, #1 Revolver Still selling millions of copies – they were VERY important Musical landscape in early 1960’s Doo Wop Groups: The Drifters - “On Broadway” “there goes my baby” “up on the roof” Nice blending and harmony The Coasters - “Searchin’” “The Shadow Knows” “Little Egypt (Ying Yang)” Put humor in their songs… funny voices, lyrics o A ton of groups had one-hit wonders, everyone tried to be a doo-wop group Beatles called “ The Fab Four ” and “ saviors of Rock and Roll Early Days – Liverpool John Lennon (1940) o Very rough childhood – father and mother didn’t want him, always getting in trouble Ringo Starr (1940) – Richard Starkey o Really frail, sickly kid, a lot of time in hospital o Born in poverty Paul McCartney (1942) o Really good in school o Mother died when he was 14, really hard for him – he went to his guitar George Harrison (1943) o Most normal youth, just liked playing guitar **John Lennon and Paul McCartney became really close, they wrote all the songs The Quarrymen – a pickup group that would play on weekend nights, invited Paul and John to play with them, then added George Ringo not with them yet Pete Best was original drummer Original name of the beatles:
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Utilized the name of Buddy Holly & the Crickets Used Beetle the insect changed to “beatles” because rock and roll called beat music in England Hamburg Germany – 1960 - developed their stage and performance demeanor - played 6 to 8 hours a night, mostly U.S. rock tunes - got really close with each other Return to England – Dec. 1960 - Cavern Club where they originally played - The Team: o Brian Epstein (manager) got them all on the same page o George Martin : producer, music consultant – in studio for every album o The band: musicians and songwriters o EMI records (Capitol in U.S.) - By 1963, #1 group in England - Appealed to broad spectrum of people, adults, teens, even the queen loved them - In USA – capitol records didn’t think they’d make it o Built up an audience o December 26, 1963... released “I want to hold your hand” and “I saw her standing there” #1 hits in 3 weeks o Feb. 7, 1964 went on Ed Sullivan Show… 73 million viewers watched
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