2.4 San Francisco

2.4 San Francisco - San Francisco Music of the...

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Unformatted text preview: San Francisco Music of the counterculture Exam II… October 21 80 questions 16 listening 16 matching 24 true false 24 multiple choice Counterculture – culture that is outside mainstream (Hippies) o Jefferson Airplane o Janis Joplin & Big Brother & The Holding Company o Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead o Santana o Creedance Clearwater Revival o Sly and the Family Stone Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane – “Greasy Heat” Grace Slick was first real female mainstream rock lead singer Musical landscape in 1960’s- British invasion, folk rock, Bob Dylan, Motown all slowing down - VIETNAM WAR Why San Francisco? Jefferson Airplane – “It’s a Wild Tyme” *Attitude – free spirits, willing to try or do anything *History – political activism, especially in universities like Berkeley *Urban renewal – ballrooms left all over the cities from the jazz era, made them concert places where you could dance Haight-Ashbury District CENTER OF DRUG WORLD Jefferson Airplane – “Share a little joke” “How can I make you as happy as I am” • Lyrics start having double meanings • Sharing a joke = sharing drugs In Haight-Ashbury… • Doing drugs was the rule, not the exception •...
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2.4 San Francisco - San Francisco Music of the...

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