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3.6 country - Continuing F ragmentation of Rock Pa r t 2...

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Continuing Fragmentation of Rock: Part 2 Country Western Top 10 Country Songs #1 if I can’t be number one in your life than number two on you Country music is a regional music MADE national In 50’s there was a huge effort to make it a national thing Roots in South and West Categories of Country Music - Hillbilly (1920’s) o Started making Hollywood Western movies – swing started - Western Swing and Cowboy songs (1930’s) - Bluegrass (1940’s) o Bill Monroe, Allison Kraus - Nashville Sound (1950’s) - Contemporary Country (1970’s) o Really actually 3 diff types of country Pop country/country rock - ROMANTICISM Hard country – neo-traditionalists – TRADITIONAL, FIT FORMS - CLASSICAL Mixed country (fusion of the 2) also called middle-of-the- road Basics of a country song…
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- Lyrics are the most important, they are stories of things with themes - Many written around HONKY TONKS (bars) o When they finish their songs they went and sat with the people, found out what was on their mind – became subject matter for their songs Honky Tonk Themes - Love o I cheated myself out of you , Moe Bandy - Work -
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