4.2 Dance music part 1

4.2 Dance music part 1 - Dance Music: Part 1 (And Movie...

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Unformatted text preview: Dance Music: Part 1 (And Movie Soundtracks) August 1, 1981 – the launch of MTV Right after that a lot of other stations produced music stuff WTBS in Atlanta produced Night Tracks USA produced Night Flight NBC produced Friday Night Videos CMT, The Nashville Network, VH-1 Problems for M T V … • Emphasis on white rock, excluded black people o Michael Jackson came along • Too much sex and violence o Journal of Communication (1986) did study that most of songs/videos have sex and violence in them • Emphasis on the I MAGE of rock artists rather than the quality of the music o 1989 Milli Vanilli won Grammy but they took it back because they found out they lip-singed it Movie Soundtracks… The media union of motion pictures and the pop music hit singles and albums world… The beginning… • Raindrops keep falling on my head (1969) John Williams – Memoirs of a Geisha Actually uses a symphony orchestra (like it was done in the 60’s-70’s), today they just use digitized orchestras because it’s TOO EXPENSIVE- Cellist yo yo ma and violinist I tzhak Perlman...
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4.2 Dance music part 1 - Dance Music: Part 1 (And Movie...

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