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Skill 50 Percent 90 Percent Rolling over 3.2 months 5.4 months Grasping rattle 3.3 months 3.9 months Sitting without support 5.9 months 6.8 months Standing while holding on 7.2 months 8.5 months Grasping with thumb and fnger 8.2 months 10.2 months Standing alone well 11.5 months 13.7 months Walking well 12.3 months 14.9 months Building tower oF two cubes 14.8 months 20.6 months Walking up steps 16.6 months
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Unformatted text preview: 21.6 months Jumping in place 23.8 months 2.4 years Copying circle 3.4 years 4.0 years Table 4-5 Milestones of Motor Development Note: This table shows the approximate ages when 50 percent and 90 percent oF children can perForm each skill, according to the Denver Training Manual II. Source: Adapted From Ā±rankenburg et al., 1992....
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