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ECE 271 Exam #2 study guide Your exam is 75 minutes long. It is multiple choice. You should particularly be familiar with the following topics: 1. Different memory types (EEPROM, SRAM, etc.) and their properties. 2. Memory system design. In particular, know how many chips are needed to build a memory system. Also know how many address/data lines are needed for a given memory system size. 3. How to extract timing information from memory data sheets. 4. Advantages and disadvantages of SRAM vs DRAM 5. Refresh modes for DRAM 6. Modulo- n counter design 7. How to design/analyze counters with a given count sequence You do need to bring the following items for the exam:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. SCANTRON 882E (about 20 cents in the PSU bookstore) 2. At least one No. 2 pencil 3. Your textbook 4. Your lecture notes 5. All datasheets (if we talked about it in class, then youd better have it) NOTES: You must have your own textbook and datasheets. I will not permit you to share material of any kind during the exam. You may not use any device capable of two way communication during the exam. That includes, but is not limited to, laptops and cellphones. All answers must be on the SCANTRON 882E. (If it aint on the scantron, then it aint graded.)...
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