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271_ex2_guide - 1 SCANTRON 882E(about 20 cents in the PSU...

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ECE 271 Exam #2 study guide Your exam is 75 minutes long. It is multiple choice. You should particularly be familiar with the following topics: 1. Different memory types (EEPROM, SRAM, etc.) and their properties. 2. Memory system design. In particular, know how many chips are needed to build a memory system. Also know how many address/data lines are needed for a given memory system size. 3. How to extract timing information from memory data sheets. 4. Advantages and disadvantages of SRAM vs DRAM 5. Refresh modes for DRAM 6. Modulo- n counter design 7. How to design/analyze counters with a given count sequence You do need to bring the following items for the exam:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. SCANTRON 882E (about 20 cents in the PSU bookstore) 2. At least one No. 2 pencil 3. Your textbook 4. Your lecture notes 5. All datasheets (if we talked about it in class, then you’d better have it) NOTES: • You must have your own textbook and datasheets. I will not permit you to share material of any kind during the exam. • You may not use any device capable of two way communication during the exam. That includes, but is not limited to, laptops and cellphones. • All answers must be on the SCANTRON 882E. (If it ain’t on the scantron, then it ain’t graded.)...
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