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Unformatted text preview: Group 5 The Secret to Creating and Sustaining A Successful Business By: Ken Blanchard, Don Hutson, and Ethan Willis The One Minute Entrepreneur: The One Minute Entrepreneur: Main Topic Main Topic The story follows a man named Jud through his steps and problems while starting his own business as a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. The book provides insight into entrepreneurship as Jud creates a business, grows the business, loses his way and starts losing control, and then reignites his business to achieve greater success. Each chapter provides lessons for the reader, including don’t be afraid to dream big and making a profit is always a necessity if you want to stay in business. Basic Purpose Basic Purpose Teach and inspire those looking to start their own business or become a part of the fast­paced business world Includes building blocks and stepping stones necessary to creating a successful business o o o Finances Taking care of customers People Issues and Themes Issues and Themes 4 Main Issues Sales > Expenses Collect Your Bills Take Care of Your Customers Take Care of Your Employees Other Themes Ethics Marriage Author’s Credentials Author’s Credentials Ken Blanchard has been successful in his career as an entrepreneur himself, having created a company like described in the book. Blanchard’s companies present management­related events including Corporate Gatherings and Celebrations, Association Conferences, Sales Meetings, Industry Conferences, and Executive Retreats Ideas Presented Ideas Presented Don’t let the expenses out weigh your intake. Be true to your values, when they started to just look at the job for the money their family started to fall apart. Have mentors to guide you through your career. Associate with good people, because they shape who you are “you are becoming the average of the five people with you are most closely associated with.” Work to balance business life with your professional life., including living on 70% of your income which will one day lead to prosperity. Valuable Lessons Learned Valuable Lessons Learned Remain open to all situations. Every person you meet, every place you go or situation you encounter can have some sort of effect. One is always learning and adapting no matter what stage of your life you are in. The morals you learn should remain with you through out you entire life and be relevant in your job. Book Analysis Book Analysis Book is clearly written and also easy to read because it is outlined as a story. Structure allows reader to be more connected to the book and relate to their own aspirations. At the end of each chapter, the author addresses the main points from the chapter for the reader to dwell on. Book focuses on how to start and sustain a successful business, explaining how customer and employee satisfaction are key to maintaining customer base and team. The book left out dealing with conflict in the workplace. Book Analysis Book Analysis The book deals with experiences and relationships that are similar to the authors’ lives. There are scenarios about the main characters experience from getting arrested, going to college, starting a family, or starting his career. The book mostly follows the skills and needs for a public speaker but relates to any individual, starting a business or trying to be a part of anybusiness. Our Opinion Our Opinion The story­like format of the book made it easy to read and applicable to our own endeavors. The quotes at the end of each chapter will be extremely useful in remembering lessons learned. The book sometimes felt narrowed to only address those looking to starting their own business, instead of being relatable to all business students. Conclusion Conclusion Overall The One Minute Entrepreneur is good book that we recommend you read because: It offers insight to the business world It is relatable and written by someone who faced similar circumstances. It’s fast pace and an easy read Offers valuable life lessons Group Five Group Five Main topic/issue presented and PowerPoint: Hannah Hutyra, Kristin Dugie Author's Basic purpose/intended audience: Wes Fang and Anna Craft Issues raised or themes emerged: George Chen, Frank Chen Author's credentials that provided basis for assersions/Conclusion: Crystal Marie Sepulveda and Fransisco Tamayo Book Analysis: Cameron Young, John Terracina, Justine Raymond­Taylor Presenters: John Terracina, Wes Fang, George Chen, Frank Chen ...
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