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Blog Guidelines-MAN 336

Blog Guidelines-MAN 336 - Organizational Behavior...

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Organizational Behavior Assignment Guidelines for Writing a Reflective Learning Blog Pedagogical Purpose. The reflection blog provides an excellent opportunity to synthesize your learning in this class. It also gives the instructor and the class a chance to know more about what is important to you in your learning, and to give you feedback on your critical reflection skills. The blog reflects your ability to take theoretical concepts, connect them to your own experience and assumptions, and link them to your learning and how you will use that learning in your own life and practice. Educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom (1956) developed a taxonomy of educational objectives that includes knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. This assignment is designed to tap all of those categories in various degrees in examining your learning in the course. Theory. Organizational consultant Kurt Lewin once said, “There is nothing as practical as a good theory.” Organizational Behavior is an interdisciplinary field with a growing body of research to support its principles. However, theory is not truth. In fact, you can only disprove theory. If a theory could be proven, it would by definition no longer be a theory. What theory does provide in terms of consulting is to provide a framework for attempting to understand complex and sometimes inexplicable human behavior and to utilize that understanding to help you build more effective and sometimes counter-intuitive strategies to be an effective consultant.
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Practice. Theory can only be useful if it can be applied to your practice as a consultant. Without analysis and application, theory stands only as a sterile and unquestioned jumble of jargon. In order to make theory practical, you must be willing to engage it and experiment with it in your own life. The blog provides you with safe space to test theory in relation to your own life and future career.
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Blog Guidelines-MAN 336 - Organizational Behavior...

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