Final Exam-Leadership Model Guidelines

Final Exam-Leadership Model Guidelines - MAN 336...

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MAN 336 Organizational Behavior Guidelines for Final Exam-Fall 2010 Create Your Own Leadership Model Purpose . The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for you to synthesize your learning about leadership and organizational behavior. Models can serve as a succinct summary of what you want to remember about the course. Ideally your model will provide a tool for you to use as a guide in your own practice as a leader. Directions . Think about what your beliefs about leadership are, your ethics as a leader, the style of leadership you want to emulate, and the theories you have learned that you think are essential to doing an excellent job as a leader. What do you want to keep in mind when you are in a leadership role? Create a one- page visual image of your model of leadership. You can use a visual of your own design or a metaphor, especially if it is one that has special meaning for you. For example, a previous student was a golfer and created a model based on that. The sand traps represented conflict, etc.
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Final Exam-Leadership Model Guidelines - MAN 336...

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