F09_MIS_301_Exam_3_Study_Guide - M IS 301 Exam 3 Study...

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Unformatted text preview: M IS 301 Exam 3 Study Guide This M IS 301 final exam will NOT be comprehensive, but as with previous tests, we will revisit some concepts from earlier in the semester. Please be sure to read the Just Learn I t section of this guide. Multiple Choice Questions- There will be 30 multiple choice questions on the final exam, worth 5 points each for a total of 150 points. Essay Questions There will be 3 pages of essay questions worth a total of 150 points. Chapter 9 : Business I ntelligence with I nformation Systems for Decision Making Terms : Business Intelligence (BI) System Clickstream data Content Management (CM) System Data mart Database marketing Data mining Data warehouse Data Sampling Dirty data (http://www.nmfn.com/tn/learnctr-- lifeevents--longevity) Expert systems Data granularity Knowledge Management (KM) System Market basket analysis Reporting System Concepts : What are the purposes and components of a data warehouse? What is a data mart, and how does it differ from a data warehouse? What are the characteristics and competitive advantage offered by BI systems? (Figure 9-2) What are the benefits of knowledge management? What are the challenges in creating a knowledge management system? What are the challenges of content management? What are the disadvantages associated with expert systems? How do these concepts relate to open source and crowdsourcing? Chapter Extension 16: Database Marketing Terms : Confidence Cross-selling Database marketing Confidence Lift Market basket analysis 1 Support RF M Analysis Concepts : What is a database marketing opportunity? How does RF M analysis classify customers? Be able to perform and explain an RF M analysis. How does market basket analysis identify cross-selling opportunities? What is the difference between confidence and lift? Which is more important for predicting customer behavior?...
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F09_MIS_301_Exam_3_Study_Guide - M IS 301 Exam 3 Study...

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