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Guide_Oral_Presentation - (3 ±ocus/aim talk at one “Big...

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1 Oral Presentation: An Example (Semi-) popular article Lecture Galileo and The Telescope (Galileo I) Oral Presentation: An Example Lecture: Galileo Find background (Encyclopedia- Style) article on Galileo ( not from Wikipedia)! Use UT Library (online) resources (see “Library Research Guide” on Blackboard)
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2 Oral Presentation: An Example Devise a clear structure/outline for your talk! E.g.: (1) BrieFy summarize gist of article! (2) BrieFy describe how this relates to the lecture (here: Galileo and the Telescope)
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Unformatted text preview: (3) ±ocus/aim talk at one “Big Issue/Question”! Oral Presentation: An Example • Examples for “Big Question” (for our case of the Hubble Telescope as recent example of Telescopes in Astronomy, as begun by Galileo)! • E.g.: (1) “This raises the question: Is it justi²ed that society allocates so much money on such pure science, given more urgent needs?” (2) “This raises the question: Is there an ultimate limit to gaining new knowledge of the Universe?”...
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Guide_Oral_Presentation - (3 ±ocus/aim talk at one “Big...

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