Lecture16 - Quiz 10 (part I): Quiz 10 (part II): Why is it...

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1 Why is it easier to detect proper motion than parallax? A. Because stars have such huge speeds B. Proper motion not affected by blurring due to Earth’s atmosphere C. Because stars are extremely bright D. By waiting long enough, the shift in position due to proper motion will increase Quiz 10 (part I): o Why can’t one just directly fuse 4 protons into one Helium nucleus? A. Much too unlikely that 4 particles meet at the same spot at the same time B. There is not enough hydrogen left C. Direct fusion would cost energy, not create it D. Result would violate conservation of energy Quiz 10 (part II): o The History and Philosophy of Astronomy (Lecture 16: Einstein I) Instructor: Volker Bromm The University of Texas at Austin Department of Astronomy Signature Course UGS 303 (Fall 2009) Albert Einstein: Revolutionary of Physics 1879 (Ulm) – 1955 (Princeton) • revolutionized concepts of space, time, and gravity - Special Relativity (1905): E=mc 2 - General Relativity (1915): new theory of gravity • co-founder of quantum theory photons
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2 Albert Einstein: Person of the Century pre-eminent scientist of 20 th century • acquired world-wide fame after 1919 (eclipse experiment proves his theory of gravity correct) • inFuence in politics - urges ±DR to build atomic bomb - leading supporter of paci²sm Overview: Einstein ʼ s Life Nov. 3 Nov. 5 Birth in Ulm (1879) Youth in Munich (1880-1894) • cozy, middle-class childhood in Bavaria ʼ s capital
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Lecture16 - Quiz 10 (part I): Quiz 10 (part II): Why is it...

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