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Page -2- Introduction: There would be many that would immediately start to protest and argue with the title of this article. They would argue that it was absolutely insane, or at best incompetent on my behalf to even suggest that Russia had plans for world domination. I would argue back, (if they would listen), that the factual evidence to support this thesis is undeniable. As an introduction into this article, I would like to include some information from Anatoly Golitsyn, who in his 1984 Book, NEW LIES FOR OLD, came out with the startling statement that the leaders of Soviet Communism, mostly from the KGB, had designed and implemented a long term, 40+ year plan for total world domination starting in the late 1950's. He knew this because he had worked on the plan as a Major in the KGB before he defected to the US. He outlined their plan, in detail, which was so fantastic that it was considered too outrageous to consider as even remotely possible by most of the Western Intelligence Community and government leadership. This is from a National Book Review, Sept 7, 1984 (emphasis are my own):
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