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BUS 122 – Article Summary Form Your Name Week (check) 2 3 4 This article relates to Chapter # and topic Name of the article Source of your article: Check below (1 from each source during the course) a. Internet b. Newspaper c. Magazine DIRECTIONS: 1. Choose an article that relates to the topics(s) of discussion for the week. 2. Keep the article length between 1 and 2 pages and published no older than 6 months ago. 3. READ and HIGHLIGHT all key points in your article. 4. Your summary needs to be at least two well-written paragraphs. In the first paragraph summarize the key points of the article.
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Unformatted text preview: In the second paragraph relate the topics to the chapter topic(s) – type your summary on this form. 5. Submit an electronic copy of the article and a completed summary on this form into Moodle no later the day you will be presenting your article in class. 6. Your summary and oral presentation will be evaluated on the following: a. Relevancy to chapter topic; interesting presentation; eye contact; time limit 7. Article summary is to be presented (not just read) to the class (3 to 5 minutes) – there is a penalty for late submissions. Summary:...
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