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Axia College Material Appendix B Final Project Preview My Topic : My Notes: Principle Issues of My Topic Does it matter whether there is an afterlife? Does the question of whether  an afterlife exists affect how we live now? Philosophies Related to My Topic Individual relativism, descriptive egoism, prescriptive egoism, Universalistic ethical hedonism, divine-command ethics, consequentialism, deontological ethics, virtue ethics, relativism all of these have an influence on a person’s decision to believe in an afterlife. Misconception s About My Topic There is no proof that God or an afterlife exists the only way to determine this is through your own beliefs. I think most people would like to believe that there is an afterlife because of belief
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Unformatted text preview: in God or its easier to except death My Philosophy Up To This Point on My Topic I do believe that the fact of whether afterlife exist matters to most people. I also believe that if people knew there was a God and knew for certain that there was an afterlife it would affect how we live our lives. I think that there are many philosophies about the afterlife and God. There have been many very intelligent philosophers that have determined that there must be a God. The fact that we exist in our own individual forms and have rational conscious thought could only be created by something cosmic and bigger then us. phi105r3...
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