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CHECK POINT empathy - that opinion was formed in the first...

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CHECK POINT: EMPATHY EXERCISE IF YOU FOUND OUT YOU WERE WRONG WOUL D YOU BE WILLING TO CHANGE THE OPINION YOU HAVE HELD? If I had negative feeling toward another person and had found out that I was wrong, by making a snap judgment on a situation between us, yes, I would go to that person and apologize to them for any wrong doing on my behalf. I would probably change my opinion that I have held, but still would be cautious about the relationship between each other. WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO MAKE AN EFFORT TO CHANGE THE BASIC RELATIONSHIP? Yes, I would be willing to make an effort to change the relationship between each other, but still be cautious, This is an old wives tale that I could remember the elders use to say” keep your friends close, buy you enemies even closer.” I don’t mean to a untrusting person, but honestly, if you have already formed an opinion on another person, and found out that you were wrong, there had to be a reason why
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Unformatted text preview: that opinion was formed in the first place. So, I would make an effort to change the relationship, but make sure that my guard is up. WHAT WERE THE CIRCUMSTANCES THAT CREATED THE SNAP JUDGMENT? The circumstances that created the snap judgment could be formed from hear say form others, not liking the way that person carries themselves ( snobby or know-it-all), their attitude, etc. There are many different reasons why people don’t all get along with one another. HOW MIGHT YOU MAKE THE EFFORT TO CHANGE THE BASIC RELATIONSHIP? I would first let that person know that I was wrong in my snap judgment, apologize to them, express to them what lead me to make that snap judgment. How I came to the understanding that I was wrong, and that from that point on, I will approach them first prior to making a judgment like that again....
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