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CheckPoint: Religious Philosophy Article Critique: Who is Holy I do not think that it is defensible for a person to let their religious views let them treat other people in a bad way. A person’s religious piety should not give them the right to judge other people, or to impose their views on other people. All kinds of religion should aim to show people the right way to live their lives and how to love other people around them. This is what God wants us to do, that is to show our faith and devotion to him. I think that now people now are less generous and humble then how they were fifty years back. There are still many religious people. But there is somehow less anonymous donation, without expectations of appreciation, than there used to be. Sometimes people give anonymously to the United Way or Salvation
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Unformatted text preview: Way. Sometimes churches do work for the homeless and destitute people, and it seems to me that these organizations do most of the works of “humble generosity” in our society today. The examples I used above, of people helping other people with their hearts, full of love and generosity, are how I would rewrite the story. Someone has to help the homeless na destitute, victims of violence, and others who are in need, but this work can be exhausting and heartbreaking, with no recognition coming. Many do this type of work out of the goodness of their heart and with the mind of helping others, and they do this with any pay or reward. Ther person writing this story would be all the people who cannot find it in themselves to help people, or who helped people only because they expect to be rewarded....
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