Fostering commitments

Fostering commitments - I did not feel that I would be able...

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Enacting my commitments is the most salient element that I can use to foster my own commitments. Upon personal commitment, I have found that I have been considering the benefits of pursuing my degrees over a period of years without taking the necessary steps to do so. This goal remained unrealized due to my enacting my commitment. I did finally move toward my goal while still sufficiently motivated that I could proceed in the right direction. Once I told my family and friends that I was going back to school, I was more able to remain focused in this direction. Not only was that public declaration, something that was difficult for me to back down from, but I found that my family and friends kept me motivated through their support and the pride they exhibited toward me. I found ways to set necessary priorities so that I could make progress toward my goal. The financial aspect of both needing to work full time and pursuing my degree simultaneously was a major factor influencing my decision.
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Unformatted text preview: I did not feel that I would be able to balance both responsibilities. I finally realized that I would have to choose one or the other, my job or my degree. I made the decision to pursue my degree full time, giving priority over other things in my life. I also found that sustaining hope was another factor that has allowed me to remain committed to this goal. When things seem overwhelming to me, I work to find ways to keep myself on track. I remember that any setbacks are actually opportunities to rekindle my interests and to find new ways to proceed. I really enjoy reading about fostering commitment since it has helped me to recognize the extent of my commitment. I am happy that I have chosen this path and will work to realize it. I know that many things may interfere as I move along, but that keeping my focus will ultimately will get me to the goal I which to attain. I do not have to reconsider my decision, I only need to remain on the path that I am on to achieve success....
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Fostering commitments - I did not feel that I would be able...

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