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relationship stratrgies - I have chosen to choose my love...

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I have chosen to choose my love relationship with my husband. We have had and on-going relationship for the past 7 years, we have been married 4 of those years. We have experienced a wide variety of emotions and situations together during this time. I understand and realize that this is the norm for long- term relationships and married couples and I have learned to understand and accept this. Having read this text, I now could see that there are many other ways that I could actually improve my relationship with my husband. We can use the strategy of handle conflict constructively to improve on how to communicate with each other. We are remarkably different people and our viewpoints often conflict. We can be very stubborn about maintaining our own viewpoints, and this can lead to arguments between us. I feel we should be more tolerant of our difference so that we can continue to build a long lasting marriage. We can find constructive ways to accomplish this goal.
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