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Most of the class seems to agree where moral character is concerned that “others can influence and change or habits and moral character.” People argue about this point, saying that people where born with a moral character than then can change and grow as people grow into an adult. Almost everyone agreed that different factors in life, and different friends and influences, can change our habits and moral character, to either good or bad effect. The disagreement in this discussion came about mainly when we talked about moral character and how habits can affect moral character. Some of the class thought that the habits made up our moral character, and other thought that moral character always determined our habits. I think that some of the class thought in the “modern” way, and others in the “traditional”
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Unformatted text preview: way of thinking. I think that our habits good or bad, reflect upon our innate moral character, which is a fairly traditional view of ethics and how they work. Modern thinking about ethics says that moral character is either good or bad, with no other factors, and peoples behaviors are predicated on this idea. Is there every anyway to know why one person has perfect morals, and another person is “imperfect”? I think that the complexity of an individual and their experience renders this question impossible to answer. Whether our thinking is traditional or modern, we will always agree on some things and disagree on others, meaning that the discussion of ethics and character is always fresh....
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