intell vs wisdom - willingly. This indicates that she was...

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Psy/220 Intelligence vs. Wisdom I chose Martha Steward’s judgment choices in her stock market dealings for my assignment review. I am sure Martha Steward has to be an intelligent and deliberating person to have to achieve her professional level of success. All the same, she was convicted of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and making false statements in her federal trial. This all took place over the sale of her ImClone Systems stock at a crucial time. She obviously lacked good judgment in this instance. She sold her stock in response to an illegal tip that the FDA was about to reject ImClone’s cancer drug, Erbitux, for sale. In making the choice that lead to her conviction, she clearly lacked successful and emotional intelligence. She found it hard to face up to the consequences of her actions, and was not readily willing to admit her guilt. At this point, she was allowing her emotions to overrule her reasoning. She did not except her guilt
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Unformatted text preview: willingly. This indicates that she was not making use of her own successful intelligence, as well. She fabricated lies to cover her actions, which further implicated her in the case. Her wise judgment seems to lacking in several areas. She failed to use superior judgment during her government interviews. She made decisions which later proved to be rash. She did so without considering the consequences of these decisions. She did not use accurate perspective at this time, which would have been appropriate in her situation. I also think that she had failed to learn from her experience. She was facing unfamiliar and frightening territory when her choices were disclosed. I would hope that she might make difference choices if she were faced with the same situation today. She would have done well if she would have used her emotional intelligence and successful intelligence to reach a more wise decision....
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intell vs wisdom - willingly. This indicates that she was...

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