CHEM350(exam1) - 350 Organic Chemistry I Exam #1a,...

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1 350 Organic Chemistry I Winona State University Exam #1a, September 18, 2009 Professor T. Nalli Name_______________________________ General Instructions: Write your name at the top of this page in the space provided and on the provided Scan-tron form. Do not put your name anywhere else in this exam book. Make sure that you read each question carefully and provide complete answers. You will be provided with a periodic table and a piece of scratch paper. Do not use the periodic tables mounted on the end walls in the classroom. Allowed materials: periodic table, scratch paper, molecular model kit The time limit is 55 min. Exams must be turned in immediately upon my call of time up. Grading: Grading will be on the basis of a highest possible score of 100 points. I. Multiple Choice - 3 points each, 45 points total II. Nomenclature – 2.5 points each, 20 points total III. Conformations – 7 points each, 21 points total IV. Drawing Isomers – 2 points each, 14 points total Extra credit user profile – 5 points
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CHEM350(exam1) - 350 Organic Chemistry I Exam #1a,...

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