cjs 240 final - Justice System Position Paper 1 For as long...

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For as long as this world has existed, there has been crime. Though criminals know that they will be punished with jail time or worse, they continue to commit crimes in the masses. Even when you search back to the Middle Ages where criminals were locked in dungeons, publicly tortured and executed, still people continued to commit crimes. This begs the question, does the current system of prison work? And if not, what are our other options to at least slow down the crime rates across the country? Many have been searching but the fact remains that the current prison system has failed, and it is up to human ingenuity to find a system that will work. When the question is raised on the focus of the United States Juvenile Justice System, on whether it should be punishment or rehabilitation, it was a clear-cut decision. The fact that history has proven that punishment does not work. The US Juvenile Justice System should heavily focus on rehabilitation in all cases involving juvenile offenders. The punishment aspect of the justice system should never be removed, but rehabilitation will have the biggest impact on the criminal and determine whether they continue on the same path or not. In order to start the process, the entire country should be on one accord as to who is considered a juvenile. Many States throughout the country have laws that will not stand in another. There are 32 States that have there maximum age for a juvenile is 18, where you have others whose maximum is 15 years old. The remaining eight States max out at the age of 16. Because 7 years old is the
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cjs 240 final - Justice System Position Paper 1 For as long...

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